Get the lastest blaster from Worker MOD! The blaster design insprired from the ocean hunter swordfish, the steamline body and scale surface grip make up the signature of this blaster. The blaster made with precious injection molding, internal structure leaves maximun space for nerfers, customize your blaster with your favourite flywheel, cage, motors, power circuit and even a automatic pusher kit.

The Swordfish Blaster share similar internal structure as Nerf Stryfe blaster, which mean all the market available parts could fit into this blaster shell. What's more, this blaster does compatible to Worker MOD own's outer mod parts like Kriss Vector kit as well as all F10555 rifle imiation kit, just simply make a change on the muzzle adpator to fit all the parts together.

You may also like to new 19mm muzzle adaptor, which mean a 19mm barrel tube could fit onto the muzzle with the flywheel cage. For Lipo mod lovers you could select the battery door as well, it constribute the same body pattern as a swordfish!

Advance modding technique require to disassembly the blaster body and replace module inside the blaster. Please ask for instruction manual for details.

This Kit include the following:
Worker MOD Swordfish Blaster Shell
Worker MOD 435 Polycarbonate Flywheel Cage
Worker MOD Polycarbonate Flywheel Angled Groove
Worker MOD Standard 130 Motors Kit
Worker MOD 15cm Barrel Tube
Worker MOD Magpul Style 12 Round Magazine
Worker MOD M7A1 PDW Five-position Collapsible Stock
Worker MOD A2 Birdcage Muzzle Flashhider
Worker MOD 28cm Tactical Rail Mount Type

Worker MOD Swordfish Motorized Blaster Rifle Kit