Worker MOD Metal Stefan Breech Kit is built for perfection using the highest quality precision-machined computer numeric control (CNC) aluminum that will improve modded and stock foam dart blasters. Its parts come in a beautiful anodized aluminum finish that keeps them free from corrosion, provides a hard and mostly scratch-resistant surface, and in a beautiful color.

The kit is the ultimate Nerf LongStrike internals modding kit. The re-engineered bolt and breech maximize the aerodynamic efficiency that transform the coil power into rapid air flow. This is a drop in kit that transforms the Longstrike into a direct plunger blaster. Direct plunger systems greatly increase the amount of usable air volume while simultaneously eliminating the large amount of dead space found in the original reverse plunger. What sets our direct plunger system apart from blasters like the Retaliator is the static plunger body.

Advance modding skill does require, you need to remove the plunger, bolt module and muzzle on your longstrike and replace this metal kit. This kit only compatible to Stefan/ Short darts mags.

The kit include the following parts:
- Worker MOD 9KG Spring Coil for LongStrike
- Worker MOD Metal Catch Plate for Nerf LongStrike
- Worker MOD Metal Spring Cap for Nerf LongStrike
- Worker MOD Metal Plunger Rod for Nerf LongStrike
- Worker MOD Plastic Muzzle for Nerf LongStrike
- Worker MOD Metal Chamber for Nerf LongStrike
- Worker MOD Metal Stefan Breech Bolt Barrel Kit for Nerf LongStrike
- Worker MOD Bolt Prime Grip for Nerf LongStrike

Worker MOD Stefan Breech Bolt 9KG Kit for Nerf LongStrike

Combo Package

  • Size (LxWxH, mm): Various
    Weight (g): 400
    Color:  Silver
    Material: Aluminmun Alloy
    Fomation: CNC Machining
    Packing: Carton Box
    Packing Size (LxWxH, mm): 200 x 120 x 60


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