This WORKER MOD Flywheels have redesigned to promote the motorized blaster shooting range and dart speed. The lightweight flywheel enhance the motor spin acceleration so each shot could enjoy the maximum power. The flywheels curvature fit well with the dart and the antislip ridges design ensure high power transfer efficiency.

Advance modding skill require, you need to disassembly the blaster and remove the motor module. The serrations add extra grip for the dart under high crush applications, but they do add extra dart wear. They offer higher velocities than most other wheels, but sacrifice dart wear, and noise.

Sold as a pair. These wheels have a very tight shaft fit! Make sure you brace the back of your motors as you press them on.

Worker MOD Polycarbonate Flywheels for Nerf Stryfe Rapidstrike

SKU: AW0356N

  • Standard Straight Groove (Recommended for Canted Flywheel Cage)
    Diameter: 34mm
    Weight: 4.2g
    Dart Condition: Very Good

    Standard Angled Groove (Recommended for Parallel Flywheel Cage)
    Diameter: 34mm
    Weight: 4.2g
    Dart Condition: Excellent

    Packaging: Polybag
    Weight: 10g
    Size (mm): 80 x 40 x 25