The signature lever action of a Nerf Slingfire blaster now become even smooth and powerful! This metal lever kit equip with Aluminium metal body and gear that allow you to show off your lever action. The stock lever handle and gear made by plastic are too soft to maintain a prefect lever action, and gear may damage due to replacement on stronger spring coil.
The size and shape of this lever kit keep as original, so nerf did not need to worry any cutting or grinding on your blaster.

This Kit Include the following parts:
□ Worker MOD Metal Lever for Slingfire
□ Worker MOD Gear set for Slingfire
□ Worker MOD 5KG Spring Coil for Slingfire
Of Course, Not include a Blaster!

Worker MOD Metal Lever Action Gear Reinforce Kit for Nerf SlingFire

SKU: FA225

  • Size (LxWxH, mm): 130 x 40 x 8
    Weight (g): 220
    Color: Silvery
    Material: Aluminium Alloy
    Fomation: CNC machining
    Packing: Polybag
    Packing Size (LxWxH, mm): 280x 110 x 10