This aluminum T-grip for the Rival Kronos is designed by Foam Focus and produced by Worker. When mounting a stronger spring in the Kronos, pulling the slide backwards can get very heavy. With this grip it is a lot more comfortable.

The T-grip is CNC milled from aluminum and available with a silver or black anodised surface. Mounting the T-grip is easy. A small adjustment has to be made to the blaster: from the back of the blaster a small piece of plastic has to be cut to make room for the T-grip.

Properties of the T-pull Grip for Rival Kronos:
• Strong CNC machined aluminum
• Anodised surface in Silver or Black
• Easy assembly: just cut a piece from the back of the slide
• Designed by Foam Focus, produced by Worker

Worker MOD Aluminum Prime T-Grip for Nerf Rival Kronos

SKU: FW0328N
  • Size (LxWxH, mm): 65 x 60 x 12
    Weight: 50g
    Color:  Black | Silvery
    Material: Aluminium Alloy
    Fomation: CNC Machining
    Packing: Polybag


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