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Worker MOD Tactical Black Picatinny Rail Drill/ Stick Type with Screw could attach on any flat surface by drilling screw holds, this is a very good parts for 3D pringing parts to make picatinny rail. This Picatinny rail allow tactical advance equipment on your blaster. Nerfer likes attach Scope, Touch, Sight or Sling on the rail just being Tactical.

Be careful to measure the length of the stock rail top of your blaster, no need worry the picatinny too long not fitting on, the nylon material itself is hard but still allow you to trim just by hand saw. Advance modding skill does require as you need to drill a hold and allow the rails tap on the surface, be carefull you need to measure well the drilling location and handling the tools.

Worker Tactical Picatinny Rail 19cm Stick Type with Screw

SKU: DW0029
$4.67 Regular Price
$3.74Sale Price