The Talon Magazine System is a revolution in compact Ammo Storage for your loadout and personal foam shooting blasters.

This adaptor give another design that equip with a mag release.

For years, even Stefan magazines kept a large part of the normal full-length magazines for compatibility with magazine fed foam blasters. It was a sacrifice needed to be usable and backwardly compatible, no more.

The Talon Magazine System use one straight this magazine half the width to store Stefan darts and use a full-length adapter to use in stock foam blasters. The advantage, one can store the same amount of ammo with half the bulk or twice the ammo with the same space used in a personal loadout.
In addition, these magazines come are a revolution in not only magazine design but possibly future blasters as well that could be built solely for these magazines.

Only Flywheel blaster with stefan mod system can work with this magazine, this magazine adapter NOT compatible to Jet Blaster Katana Magazine.

Worker MOD Talon Short Dart Magazine Flywheel Adaptor with Release for Nerf Toy

SKU: AW0439