This aluminum tube is an extended barrel to the stock metal barrel, lengthen to 250mm to increase the chamber gas usage, the long barrel also enhance the accuracy as well. The tube built with outer diameter exact the same as the stock barrel, it fits well to the stock bolt adapter. Inner diameter further reduced to 13mm, close to the foam dart size to enhance air seal along the barrel.

Simply replace the stock metal barrel, replace the barrel fixture with the printed muzzle adapter that allow the hold the stock Nexus pro flash hider. We suggest apply a layer of instant adhesive glue to the muzzle adapter after the tube placed into the blaster, this is to avoid the tube move away from the bolt adapter under repeated hitting.

The barrel tube set inside the flash hider, well protected and keep the blaster as original.

AK Blaster MOD Extended 250mm Metal Barrel for AF Nexus Pro Modify Toy

SKU: BA282

  • Size: Barrel length 250mm
    Weight: 60g
    Color:  Silver
    Material: Aluminium
    Fomation: CNC Machining
    Packing: Polybag