Get the lastest blaster from Worker MOD! This pistol powered by 2 battery cells that give the most handy foam darts semi-auto blaster. Loading with standard elite darts, the magazine holds 6 darts and reload just in second. Simplified design power the motors with half push on trigger, following with full push on trigger that make an amazing fire.

You may also like to new modding parts for the Hurricane blaster, including slanted groove firewheels, motors, colour magazine as well as metal barrel tube. For advanced nerfers we suggest mod the blaster to lipo power, which give an unbelievable performance to this pistol.

Average modding technique require to disassembly the blaster body and replace module inside the blaster. Please ask for instruction manual for details.


*50mm Tube made by Aluminmun tube covered by plastic tube, function for centering darts and to wear muzzle.*Slanted Flywheel made by POM light weight material with slanted groove to enhance darts spinning and fire stability, Cruvature surface increase surface area that give maximun friction to the foam darts.
*Hurricane magazine holds 6 darts full load, simplified snap fit design give no difficulty in reloading. White and Blue option available.
*Hurricane 3D print magazine apaptor offer another option to expand your dart loading capacity, simply install this adaptor onto the blaster and load with ordinary nerf elite magazine.

Worker MOD Hurricane Blaster Flywheel Motorized Pistol Toy

SKU: JW0370N
  • Size (LxWxH, mm): 190 x 157 x 53
    Weight (g): 300
    Color:  White
    Material: ABS
    Fomation: Molding
    Packing: Carton Box
    Packing Size (LxWxH, mm): 197 x 182 x 63