This kit is specially design for Worker MOD Conqueror blaster. This option give nerfer mod the blaster to be full auto shooting. Nerfer need to re-wire the power circuit and rev trigger switch to function this kit.

New design on circuit board allow single shot or full auto shot, a built-in switch on the board that allow tuning the shooting rate. The kit include 18AWG wire and high amp switch that allow 2S or 3S Lipo battery mod. (Recommended to use 7V-14.8V lithium battery)

Fully automatic motor drives the push rod to push the darts. The speed of the strike rod can be adjusted to change the speed of fire, and adjust the speed of the flywheel motor.

Advance modding technique require to disassembly the blaster body and replace module inside the blaster. Please ask for instruction manual for details.

Worker MOD Full Auto Pusher Kit for Dominator Multistages Motorized Blaster

SKU: AW0345
  • Size (LxWxH, mm): Various
    Weight (g): 130
    Color:  Orange
    Material: PA
    Fomation: Molding
    Packing: Carton Box