This Worker MOD F10555 Scorpion EVO3 Carbine Style 3D Print Fixe Butt Stock gives an alternative design to original Nerf Butt Stock. The Scorpion EVO3 Carbin style design make your blaster in style, it allow you customize your blaster just as your wish.

This ButtStock capatible to Nerf Blaster with buttstock adaptor and install just by plug fitting. For Striker Type blaster you need to remove the original stock cap and replace with our stock cap.


This Kit Include the following parts:
* WORKER MOD Black Barrel
* F10555 Scorpion EVO3 Style Barrel Jacket 3D Printing Parts
* F10555 Scorpion EVO3 Style ButtStock 3D Printing Parts
* WORKER MOD Tactical Rail Adaptor Black
* WORKER MOD 5cm Rail 2pcs
* WORKER MOD 10cm Rail 3pcs
* WORKER MOD 28cm Rail
* WORKER MOD Hexagon HoneyComb 15 Darts Magazine Black
Of Course, Not include a Blaster!

Worker MOD F10555 Scorpion EVO3 Imitation Kit for Nerf Stryfe