This Pump Kit Set is specially designs for Nerf Rival Helios blaster. We know many Nerf players hindered by the original striker action, so do us! We redesign the dart loading to pump kit so you could speed up shooting frquency and blaster holding posture.
The redesigned barrel give a shotgun like outfit to your rival blaster, priming the bolt no longer difficult and it is tactical advance, addition tactical rails allow you to put any attachment on rival blaster.

Please notice this pump kit and rail need advance blaster modding skill, cut and trim the blaster shell to fit the redesigned construction.

This Kit Include the following parts:
* F10555 Helios Pump Grip Kit 3D Printing Parts
* Worker MOD 22cm Rail x 2pcs

Of Course, Not include a Blaster!.

Worker MOD F10555 Pump Kit Barrel Prime Grip for Nerf Rival Helios

SKU: KT0064