Worker MOD have launch a new motorized blaster after their SwordFish, whats different? Multistages 6 Flywheels.
The Conqueror Multistages Motorized Blaster pushes the performance on motorized blaster, nerfers can make use of this multistages module to customize their motors pair. There are lot of studies on motor selection but now you can just make all the motor advantage together to give maximun power and torque. Together with customize combination on flywheel pairs, time for we nerf modders deep into research and trial.

Options available to install oridinary elite dart magazine (addition adaptor) or Worker MOD 40 rounds magazine.
Full Auto strike kit available as selection, replace with high amp microswitches to ensure higy electric current drew from motors and lipo power.
Adjustable motor speed module, which can control the strike rod to control the shoot rpm. It can adjust the speed of flywheel to control the darts fps. The main body has a compatment to install the speed control module.
Tested with 2 stages/ 3 stages flywheels, which can effectively enhance the accuracy and darts fps. (data sheets available)
Tactical flashlight can be install on front barrel. Full length tactical rail (21mm) allow to wear scope and sight. Standard Nerf ButtStock adaptor.
Battery Door allow Lipo power, size option: A: 18*44*108mm, B: 26*31*108mm.

Modder are suggested to equiped with advance knowledge on motorized blaster modding, instruction manual available for reference,

Worker MOD Dominator Multistages Motorized Blaster Shell

SKU: JW0343N
  • Size (LxWxH, mm): 415 x 200 x 56
    Weight (g): 630
    Color:  Clear | Translucent Blue
    Material: ABS
    Fomation: Molding
    Packing: Carton Box
    Packing Size (LxWxH, mm): 445 x 215 x 66