Transform your Nerf HammerShot Blaster into a Mechanic inspired Hand Cannon! All you need to is just install and fitting all the parts onto your blaster, of course there are little screw fastening procedures that need your modding skill. The blaster is not just Cool but tactical advance, 3 colour options make your blaster style as your wish.

Installation, remove the 2 screws on the Hammershot front barrel, slide the barrel into the blaster body from the front. Secure the barrel with the 2 long screws supplied. Push the hammer down before install the top rail cover, secure the screw on the rail cover to secure well.

This Kit Include the following parts:
□ MaLiang 3D Print Handgun Barrel Top Rail
Of Course, Not include a Blaster!

MaLiang 3D Hades Barrel Mechanic Modern Style for Nerf HammerShot

SKU: KM197
  • Size (LxWxH, mm): 167 x 65 x 20
    Weight (g): 100
    Color: Black | Gray | Orange
    Material: PLA
    Fomation: 3D Printing
    Packing: Carton Box
    Packing Size (LxWxH, mm): 180x 80 x 40