Increase your dart capacity and move around with ease in the heat of battle with the Katana clip system, a revolution in compact ammo storage for Stefan breech foam dart blasters. For years, Stefan clips took up valuable room in clip pouches and used the full width of the clip to be compatible with commercially available blasters, but the Katana system uses only half the width of the clip well to store Stefan darts, and uses a full-length adapter to ensure compatibility with all retail foam dart blasters.

WARNING: all magazines currently arrive unlubricated it is recommended that you apply silicone lubricant for smoother action.
For blaster mod in Worker System, please notice you need to fit on a forward switched mag adaptor for Katana magazine, this is due to longer bolt length on all
Worker MOD stefan mod system. Please contact us for details on the forward switched adaptor.
Only blaster with stefan mod system can work with this magazine.

Jet Blaster Katana X2 Dual Stefan Magazine 15 Rounds Short Dart Clip

SKU: GJ206

  • Size (LxWxH, mm): 232 x 195 x 43.7
    Weight (g): 45
    Color:  Tinted Black | Orange | Clear
    Material: ABS
    Fomation: Molding
    Packing: PP Box
    Packing Size (LxWxH, mm): 100 x 90 x 30