This Combo Set is specially designs for Nerf LongShot blaster. We know many Nerf players hindered by the original striker action, so do us! We redesign the dart loading to pump kit so you could speed up shooting frquency and blaster holding posture.

This set so call Hulker kit built with expansion tactical rails and trigger guard from BlasterforgePH, added a priming grip, buttstock and magazine from Worker F10555, all together formed a sense of giant monster among all the nerf blaster. We also add a tactical scope with laser pointer turn the LongShot to higher stage of performance.

This Kit Include the following parts:
* F10555 LongShot Pump Kit 3D Printing Parts
* F10555 LongShot ButtStock 3D Printing Parts
* BlaserforgePH LongShot Tactical Rails 3D Printing Parts
* BlaserforgePH LongShot Muzzle 3D Printing Parts
* BlaserforgePH LongShot Trigger Guard 3D Printing Parts
* Worker MOD Snipper 10 Darts Magazine

Of Course, Not include a Blaster!.

We welcome custom order on print item colour, please contact us for details.

BlasterforgePH 3D Print Hulker Expansion Set for Nerf LongShot