This Scar muzzle kit include a Worker MOD Scar muzzle and adaptor for Brass Breech size 9/16" and 17/32", a 300% clear heat shrink tubing with inside adhesive included, this combination to allow a complete connection between the scar muzzle to the brass barrel.

2 size adaptors included for 9/16" and 17/32" brass tube (K&S #8140, #8141), it fits well with the Worker MOD plastic scar muzzle with just little bit of pushing. Cut the clear heat shrink tubing into 5cm or less, insert and wear inbetween the muzzle and brass tube. Apply 120° heat air to ensure the tubing shrink and tight enough to hold the whole system well. In case you would like to remove the scar muzzle, just cut the heat shrink tubing away and detach the muzzle in second.

This integrated design with the muzzle and scar rifling muzzle together to induce a 0.5 rotation spin (which means the dart will spin half a turn or 180 degree) from enter till it exit the muzzle. The friction within the muzzle will cause a drop of fps and also adding spin to a dart will result a reduction of blaster range, but in exchange of accuracy.
This scar barrel is designed for stefan and on blaster which have more than 120FPS or more. Also, the dimension have been tuned to fit nicely into worker/artifact alloy barrel ,making it perfect for a sleeper build. Using our rifling muzzle, you can greater increase your accuracy especially on high powered blaster. This allows you to hip fire more accurately or even fit on a proper scope/sights and use your blaster as a 'sniper'. You will be pleased with what this thing can do.

Please notice this muzzle require stefan breech kit from Worker/ Artifact, please seek for advices before purchase and modifying your blaster.

Worker MOD Plastic Scar Muzzle Tube wiv Adaptor for Brass Breech Nerf

SKU: BA252
  • Size (LxWxH, mm): 80 x 19
    Weight (g): 15
    Color: Transparent Orange
    Material: PS
    Fomation: Injection Moulding
    Packing: PolyBag
    Packing Size (LxWxH, mm): 320 x 20 x 20