Price is 1 pair motor, 132 size (Shell cutting required)!

The Worker MOD Neodynium Magnets Motor boast the absolute most torque of any 132 size motor ever produced at the time. These bad boys feature “Sintered Neodynium” magnets and a custom winding for truly unsurpassed performance. In addition, these premium motors feature ball bearings for improved performance and sound. How much torque do these have? Crazy! These are the motors for you when nothing but the best performance will do. These motors will provide the fastest response for heavier flywheels and have enough torque for any standard “high crush” flywheel cage.

Worker MOD Neodynium Magnets 132 Motors (1 pair) 3S Lipo for Nerf Motor Blaster

SKU: AW0340
  • SPECS:
    Recommended for high drain 3S LiPo batteries
    132 Form Factor

    Motor specs (@11.1 volts):
    Rated Voltage: 11.1 volts
    Stall Torque: 1520
    Maximum RPM: 43,000 RPM
    Stall Current: 45 amps