This WORKER MOD Flywheels cage have redesigned to promote the motorized blaster shooting range and dart speed. The strong alloy body enhance motor steability and reduce noise production from the high power motors. Moreover the Aluminium cage promote heat conduction especially useful for high voltage motor (say 3S??!!) that produce heat during operation.

The canted design allow the darts spin just simulating the rlifing groove barrel. The lightweight flywheel enhance the motor spin acceleration so each shot could enjoy the maximum power. The flywheels fit well with the dart and the antislip diamond pattern design ensure high power transfer efficiency.

There are high crush flywheel cage (42.5mm) option that allow further strenght onto darts, for this we recommend higher power motors and cause significant darts wearing.

Advance modding skill require, you need to disassembly the blaster and remove the motor module. Instruction guide would be provided in our website.

Worker MOD Motor Metal Flywheel Cage for Nerf Stryfe Rapidstrike Toy

SKU: AW0196N
  • Standard Cage (Silver)
    Motor Shaft: Parallel
    Distance between Shaft: 43.5mm

    High Crush Cage (Black)
    Motor Shaft: Parallel
    Distance between Shaft: 42.5mm

    High Crush Cage (Silver)
    Motor Shaft: Parallel
    Distance between Shaft: 41.5mm

    Canted Cage (Blue)
    Motor Shaft: Canted
    Distance between Shaft: 43.5mm
    This Canted Cage require use of flat surface flywheel (Worker MOD diamond groove flywheel)