This WORKER MOD Gen 3 Short Darts Stefan designed for nerfers enjoy the power of short darts. Stefan nerfers like the improved accuracy and power of the darts, making use of this kit modify your Retaliator or LongShot into a stefan compatible blaster. This stefan designed in tactical advance, the soft darts head have re-engineed to withstand the aero friction in inital high speed flying, that help to promote darts shoot range and accuracy.

The Glow in Dart material give illumination after exposure under UV light or strong light for a period.

Compare to Gen1 and Gen2 darts, this Gen3 darts re-engineered the dart tip by moving the injection path from the tip top, this is to ensure the whole tip evenly injected with material giving an excellent balance and round shape. The gap in between the dart body and tip have been re-design and improved glue to ensure strong adhesive strength and reduce chance of broken darts especially for strong spring load blaster.

Worker MOD Glow in Dark Gen3 Short Darts Stefan 200pcs box set

SKU: MW0500