This WORKER MOD 40 Round Magazine is specially designed for their Conqueror Multistage Blaster, it is not compatible to other Nerf Blaster due to redesigned adaptor. The revolution 40 rounds dart compacity gives supply to the full auto blaster, a strong and powerful power suppress to your oppoents in any nerf battle.

The design made reference to FN P90 magazine function mechanism, dobule stacks ammunition maximize loading space in limited clip lenght, specially design adaptor and daart pusher to ensure single ammo load to the bolt to avoid dart jam.

The double-clip eliminate the original buckle design and flatten to improve clip loading. The removable bottom cover makes it easy to clean dirts and replace the weaken spring after prolonged use.
1. After loading darts, please check if the darts are staggered in pairs, not side by side. Else press the dart or take a clip to stagger the darts.
2. Hold the magazine first when removing it, then press the release level to upload it.
3. Various elite darts have been tested. Did NOT suggest loading the luminous darts which jam inside the mag.

The magazine only compatible to Worker MOD Conqueror Multistage Blaster, Not compatible to Stefan Short Darts.

Worker MOD 40 Round Magazine Clip for Dominator Multistage Blaster

SKU: GW0338N
  • Size (LxWxH, mm): 313 x 80 x 34
    Weight (g): 325
    Color:  Clear | Translucent Blue
    Material: ABS
    Fomation: Molding
    Packing: Carton Box
    Packing Size (LxWxH, mm): 318 x 85 x 39