The Alpha RT Kit is a complete drop in kit that is developed to enhance the performance of your CEDA with half-length foam darts. Enhancements include a full seal breeched system for great delivery of airflow, an extended spring and plunger tube combination for greater performance while maintaining a smooth prime and an optimised barrel with specifications catered for compatibility with Jet Blaster’s ZRO Rifled Muzzle(sold separately) to increased accuracy. The Alpha RT Kit will push your CEDA Blaster to it’s full potential and make you a dominant opponent on the foam flinging field. 


Package Includes
• Trigger • Plunger Rod • Dart Pusher • Dart Gate • Outer Dart Gate • Catch Plate • Plunger Cup • Plunger Cup Spacer • Bolt Sled Pin • Bolt Sled • Plunger Tube • Barrel • Barrel Sleeve • Spring • Catch Spring • Trigger Spring

Recommended Spring
10kg Spring