Price is 1 pair motor, 130 size (No shell cutting required)!

The MTB Honeybadger was brought in by MTB as a replacement for now unavailable ultra high ROF “Ranson” Rapidstrike pusher motor. These are intended as ultra high RPM Rapidstrike pusher motors, and can be pressed into use as flywheel motors, particularly in multistage flywheel setups.

MTB Honeybadger 130 Motor (1 pair) 2s Lipo for Nerf Motorized Blaster Modify Toy

SKU: AA187HB-2
  • SPECS:
    Recommended for 2S LiPo batteries
    130 Form Factor

    Motor specs (@6 volts):
    Rated Voltage: 6 volts
    Stall Torque: 235
    Maximum RPM: 35,000RPM
    Stall Current: 11 amps
    Idle Current: 0.9 amps