Transform your Nerf Zombie Sledge Fire Blaster into Shot Gun Style! Nerfers like loading 3 darts into each of the reloadable shells, and crack the blaster's barrel to reload. MaLiang has redesigned the barrel to dual bullets, keeping the cracking action to reload. The new barrel make your Sledge Fire blaster in style, the long and massive barrel surface built with modern pattern and texture, whats more is your blaster become Elite/ Stefan darts compatible, amazing shot with both long and short dart at once.

There are little screw fastening procedures that need your modding skill, the air restrictor need to be removed or simply glue at open state to disable it. An O-ring supply that need to glue onto the gap inbetween the barrel and the blaster body, which is to ensure air seal along the chamber to the barrel.

This Kit Include the following parts:
□ MaLiang 3D Print Shotgun Barrel

Of Course, Not include a Blaster!

We welcome custom order and please leave us a message!

MaLiang 3D Print Shotgun Dual Barrel for Nerf Zombie Sledge Fire Modify Toy

  • Size (LxWxH, mm): 240 x 55 x 65
    Weight (g): 400
    Color: Black
    Material: PLA
    Fomation: 3D Printing
    Packing: Carton Box
    Packing Size (LxWxH, mm): 260 x 70 x 70


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