Turn your Rival Knockout Pistol to Stefan darts Canon!

Brass breech modding is popular in nerf mod community for its stefan darts compatibillity and excellent air seal along the plunger and barrel system. The flexibility on brass cutting give an engineering sense on the relationship between chamber size, spring loading as well as the barrel length.

This brass breech make up with K&S #8140 and #8141 brass tube and cut precisely with CNC wire cutting. We have redesiged the adaptor that fit well with the brass breech and the original plunger chamber, printed solidly to make it in strong body to allow strong spring upto 12KG. Addition printed fixture included allow you to hold the barrel at the front muzzle.

Nerfer need to have an advance knowledge on Nerf modding, and basic knowledge on brass breech modding. Instant adhesive glue needed to glue the printed bolt with the brass bolt tube, glue needed as well on the breech tube to the fixture and stock muzzle. Precise measurement and trial needed to set the position of the bolt tube and barrel tube, to ensure excellent air seal and fitting along the plunger to barrel system.

Becareful when handling this brass breech, sharp edge may raise cutting hand issue.

AKBM Stefan Brass Breech Printed Bolt Kit for Nerf Rival Knockout

SKU: BA266
  • Barrel Size (L, mm): 200mm
    Weight (g): 50
    Color: Brass / Black
    Material: Brass / PLA
    Fomation: CNC Machining / 3D Printing
    Packing: Carton Box
    Packing Size (LxWxH, mm): 180 x 40 x 40